SVG US State Maps for GeoBrowsing

These files are Scalar Vector Graphics files that show zipcode regions for US states. They also contain an interesting feature that grew out of a research project that I worked on. In particular, these maps contain the density of both population and number of web sites that reference a particular zipcode. Thus it is possible to see that websites do not represent the population equally, but are in fact concetrated in areas that are "digitally hip" such as university towns. A good example is provided by the state of Georgia, where the zipcodes of Atlanta and Athens (location of the University of Georgia) have a heavy density of websites that reference it relative to the population of the zipcode. By contrast, rural areas of Georgia have relatively few websites per capita that reference them.

These files are fairly useful for other mapping purposes as well, since they consist mostly of a sequence of polygons that form the boundaries. The coordinate system is latitude and longitude, and each polygon has a group to list the name of the post office, the county, the population, and the host count from a crawl in 2001. Each file can be made to reference an external javascript file in which you can embed your own animation to manipulate the SVG.

Note: Mozilla 1.5 claims to have added SVG support, but I have not yet encountered an SVG file that it can properly render. Maybe someday...

Feel free to use these files in your own fun, but I would appreciate receiving credit for having created them. Enjoy...

Alabama Alaska is not available. Arizona
Arkansas California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia
Florida Georgia Hawaii is not available.
Idaho Illinois Indiana
Iowa Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota
Mississippi Missouri Montana
Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire
New Jersey New Mexico New York
North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania
Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota
Tennessee Texas Utah
Vermont Virginia Washington
West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

There is also a simple map of the world, a map of the states, and finally a huge file of 48 states (13M zipped). This last file is probably too detailed to be useful.

Kevin McCurley created these.