Advice on a research career

When I was a graduate student, I had the privilege of hearing Richard Hamming speak to a group of graduate students about managing their research career. I was pretty green in graduate school, so I probably didn't appreciate it completely at the time. I still remember the event quite well, and as it turns out, Richard Hamming gave his talk at MANY places, and several people recorded different versions of it. I've shamelessly mirrored one of them from because I think this is worth repeating.

One thing that I am reminded of is that maintaining intellectual vitality in research requires you to constantly reinvent yourself, using some of what you know already and tackling new areas. I'm struck by the comments of Hamming in his article, because it reminds me of something I do now at Google - namely crashing lunch tables in order to talk to someone new. It's amazing what you can learn when you stop listening to the same old problems!

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